Filtry/odgazowywacze in-line wody (IFD)

Filtr/odgazowywacz in-line w polipropylenowej obudowie z membraną nylonową. Jest podłączany do linii HPLC, pełniąc jednocześnie funkcję filtra i odgazowywacza w trakcie przygotowywania fazy ruchomej HPLC.
Aqueous IFD is a polypropylene housed in-line filter/degasser (IFD) with nylon membrane. It connects to an HPLC line and simultaneously filters and degasses during HPLC mobile phase preparation.

• Faster than traditional methods of HPLC mobile phase preparation, saving time in the laboratory
• Provides pure filtration of aqueous mobile phases without expensive degassing equipment
• Chemically resistant polypropylene construction enables reliable filtration
• Can be integrity-tested with the bubble point method
• Includes end fittings – for replacements, see our IFD end fitting kit

Whatman IFD options are available for a variety of applications. Browse the Whatman IFD line to find the right filter for your degassing mobile phase applications.

Aqueous IFD for HPLC mobile phase preparation
The Aqueous IFD is designed to work as an in-line filter with mobile phases containing at least 20% of the aqueous component. It has a 0.2 µm hydrophilic nylon membrane to support aqueous-based HPLC mobile phase preparation.

In-line filter construction and function
Whatman Aqueous IFD have a polypropylene housing sealed by a security ring, fittings to accommodate 1/16”-1/8” tubing, and an air vent on the inlet with luer lock cap to enable priming.

An in-line filter works on the principle of "bubble point" – the point of pressure at which gases will pass through a wet membrane. If pressure is maintained below the bubble point, the gas will not pass through the membrane and is trapped by the filter device.
Filtry/odgazowywacze in-line wody (IFD)
Pore Size 0.2 µm
Diameter 50 mm
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Filtration Area 16 cm2
Product Product Name Connections
6726-5002 Aqueous IFD; 0.2 µm; 50 mm; nylon (10 pcs) different diameter tubing 0.8 to 4 mm
6726-5002A Aqueous IFD; 0.2 µm; 50 mm; nylon (10 pcs) 1/8" tubing only