Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 8, z lepiszczem

Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 8 używane są do filtracji gruboziarnistych cząstek. Umożliwiają szybszą filtrację oraz wyższy przepływ powietrza w porównaniu do podobnych filtrów - GF 9.
Whatman Grade GF 8 glass microfiber filters are used for filtration of coarse particles. GF 8 offers faster filtration and a higher air flow rate compared to the similar Grade GF 9 filters.

• Nominal particle retention of 3 µm
• Air flow rate of 12 s/100 ml/1.56 cm2
• Inorganic binder for increased strength and temperature resistant up to 500°C
• Fast filtration speed
• Can be used as a pre-filter for dense samples
• Function as air pollution filters for detecting furans, PCB, and other chemicals

Environmental pollution analyses often require binder-strengthened glass filters to support heavy samples. Several options are available in the Whatman range of glass filters with binder.

Air pollution filters for furans and other pollutants
With the added strength of an inorganic binder, grade GF 8 glass microfiber filters serve as air pollution filters by retaining a range of heavy particles found in vapor samples. Other applications include:

• Air pollution filters for PCB*, DDE, DDT, furans, and dioxin retention for analysis
• Pollution measurements in industrial, urban, and populated areas
• Workplace dust measurements
• Measurement of dust fraction in technical gases
• Dust-collecting effectiveness testing
Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 8, z lepiszczem
Application Used in the filtration of coarse particles. Frequently used in environmental analysis; in the determination of PCB; DDE; DDT; furans and dioxins in the air; pollution measurements in industrial; urban and populated areas; cement factories; iron and steel industry; dust measurements at the workplace; determination of the dust fraction in technical gases; and testing the effectiveness of dust-collecting. 
Grade Grade GF 8 
Filtration Speed Fast 
Air Flow Rate 12 s/100 ml/1.56 cm2 
Basis Weight 80 g/m2
Operating Temperature <500 °C 
Material Borosilicate glass 
Binder Type Inorganic 
Typical Thickness 350 µm
Product Product Name Format Dimensions
10370105 Grade GF 8 Coarse Particle Filter with Binder; 90 mm circle (100 pcs) Circles 90 mm
10370111 Grade GF 8 Coarse Particle Filter with Binder; 200 mm circle (100 pcs) Circles 200 mm
10370119 Grade GF 8 Coarse Particle Filter with Binder; 47 mm circle (200 pcs) Circles 47 mm
10370172 Grade GF 8 Coarse Particle Filter with Binder; 60 × 90 mm sheet (100 pcs) Sheets 60 x 90 mm (2.36 x 3.54 in)
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