Filtry jakościowe Grade 593 ½

Standardowy papier filtracyjny do drobnych osadów.
A standard grade filter papers for fine precipitates.

• Increased filter surface area increases total loading capacity and decreases overall filtration time.
• Reduced contact between filter and funnel maintains flow rate.
• Eliminated need to quadrant-fold filter circles to fit conical funnels saves time in repetitive or multiple analyses.
• Prepleated filters have the same technical properties as the respective filter circles.

Cellulose filters are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials. Prepleated qualitative filters give improved flow rate and increased loading capacity compared to equivalent quadrant folded filters.
Filtry jakościowe Grade 593 ½
Filtry jakościowe Grade 593 ½
Filtry jakościowe Grade 593 ½
Filtry jakościowe Grade 593 ½
Grade Grade 593 
Grade Type Standard 
Particle Retention in Liquid Max. 5 µm
Typical Thickness 170 µm
Basis Weight 85 g/m2
Filtration Speed (Herzberg) 450 s
Material Cellulose 
Properties Medium to slow 
Product Product Name Diameter
10311447 593 FF 185 mm 100/Pk 185 mm
10311451 593 FF 240 mm 100/Pk 240 mm
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