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Filtry jakościowe Grade 598 ½

Gruby papier filtracyjny o dużej ładowności. Łączy średnią retencję z średnio-szybką do szybkiej prędkością filtracji.
A thick prepleated filter paper with high loading capacity. Combines medium retention with medium-fast to quick filtration speed.

• Savings in time required to quadrant-fold circles to fit conical filter funnels in repetitive or multiple analyses.
• Decreased overall filtration time because of the extra surface area exposed; the normal slow down of filtration speed due to the loading of particulate is postponed.
• Increased total loading capacity as more filter area is available.
• Maintained flow rate due to the reduction in filter paper contact with funnel side and the self-supporting shape of the filter itself.
• The prepleating does not significantly affect any of the technical data, and the same figures may be used for the flat circles.

Time-saving Whatman™ qualitative grades are offered in this convenient form, which gives major advantages over flat circles.

Grade 598 ˝: 8-10 µm
Also available in flat stock form as Grade 598.
Filtry jakościowe Grade 598 ½
Grade Grade 598 ½
Grade Type Standard 
Particle Retention in Liquid Max. 10 µm
Typical Thickness 320 µm
Basis Weight 140 g/m2
Filtration Speed (Herzberg) Approx. 50 s
Properties Medium fast; thick 
Product Product Name Diameter
10312244 Grade 598 ½ Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated); 125 mm 125 mm
10312247 Grade 598 ½ Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated); 185 mm 185 mm
10312251 Grade 598 ½ Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated); 240 mm 240 mm
10312256 Grade 598 ½ Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated); 500 mm 500 mm
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