Filtry sładane w stożek

Stożkowa bibuła filtracyjna pozwala zaoszczędzić cenny czas podczas wykonywania powtarzających się lub wielokrotnych analiz.
Whatman cellulose filter paper grades are available in ready-to-use cone folded formats.

- Easily fits into conical funnels.
- Saves valuable time when undertaking repetitive or multiple analyses.
- Provides the same high quality and consistency that you expect from all Whatman filter papers.
What's the difference? Whatman™ folded filter paper.
Grade 1
Nominal Thickness 180 µm
Nominal Basis Weight 87 g/m2
Nominal Ash Content 0.06% 
Material Cellulose 
Grade 40
Nominal Thickness 210 µm
Nominal Basis Weight 95 g/m2
Nominal Ash Content 0.007% 
Material Cellulose 
Product Product Name Diameter Grade Pack size
990010112 GR 40; 125 mm CONE 1000/PK 125 mm 40 1000
990110116 GR 1; 110 mm CONE 1000/PK 110 mm 1 1000
990010116 GR 40; 110 mm CONE 1000/PK 110 mm 40 1000
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