Elektryczny podajnik membran eButler

Podajnik membran eButler stosowany w mikrobiologii, do błyskawicznej dystrybucji filtrów membranowych, bezdotykowo lub poprzez użycie przycisku.
The Whatman eButler rapid membrane dispenser allows for more efficient microbiological testing.

• Aluminum and stainless-steel construction
• Designed for easy membrane loading and device usability
• Both push-button and touch-free operation modes to suit your preference
• Up to 400 membranes per package
• Supports rapid dispensing of the culture membrane
• Compatible with Whatman sterile mixed cellulose ester (MCE) microbiology membranes

Faster, cleaner and easier microbiological testing
The Whatman electronic butler (eButler) for microbiology supports rapid dispensing of the Whatman sterile mixed cellulose ester (MCE) microbiology membranes allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. This is the only eButler compatible with Whatman MCE microbiology membranes.
Elektryczny podajnik membran eButler
Application Electronic butler for dispensing filtration membranes. 
Product Product Name Pack size
10477103 Whatman Electronic Butler 1