Plastikowe lejki do MBS I

Autoklawowalne lejki plastikowe do zestawu MBS I.
Autoclavable plastic funnel for the MBS I system.

• Simple to use.
• Safe sealing mechanism.
• Shorter preparation time.
• High reproducibility.
• Funnels can be autoclaved up to 50 times.
• Large funnel capacity for foaming liquids.
• Easy to validate.
• Risk of cross-contamination is minimized.

Microbiological filtration system
MBS I is an excellent system for optimal microbiological control using membranes. The overall procedure time is reduced to a minimum. The design of the system, which consists of an electrical membrane dispenser, a funnel dispenser, and a vacuum manifold, leads to more reproducible results. The special sealing technique ensures easy handling and high integrity of the funnel and membrane during filtration. This keeps any cross-contamination to a minimum.

A combination of comfort and progress
The combination of the funnel dispenser and the Membrane-Butler E in the MBS I system is constructed so that when a funnel is taken from the dispenser, the butler automatically dispenses a membrane from the sterile pack, ready to use.

Find the right funnel
The autoclavable plastic funnel for the MBS I is a true innovation.The new funnel does not require tedious flaming of stainless steel filtration equipment for sterilization. It is simple to use and ensures sterility. Funnels are provided sterile in a magazine and save time especially when a large number of samples need to be processed by one apparatus. The funnels (350 ml) are of high-grade polypropylene and can be autoclaved up to 50 times. For applications in which funnels are only used once, the system offers another solution: a 100 ml funnel that is presterilized and supplied ready for immediate use. A special closure mechanism at the extraction edge ensures that the funnel seals tightly with the membrane.

MicroPlus membrane filter – the plus for stability
Whatman MicroPlus membrane filters are an excellent addition to the MBS I for the beverage industry. Wherever viscous or particle loaded solutions are being filtered, MicroPlus filters with their stability and non-blocking design are a good choice. Filtration speed due to optimized flowthrough, ease of use, and high reproducibility contribute to the unmatched quality of MicroPlus.
Plastikowe lejki do MBS I
Plastikowe lejki do MBS I
MBS I Workflow When taking a new presterilized funnel; the membrane is dispensed automatically Membrane is placed onto the filter base and the funnel installed Liquid is poured into the funnel and a vacuum is applied Membrane is easily removed after filtration 
Material Polypropylene (PP) 
Product Product Name Filter volume Material
10445861 MBS I Plastic Funnel 100 ml; PP; autoclavable 100 ml Polypropylene (PP)
10445866 MBS I Plastic Funnel 350 ml; PP; autoclavable 350 ml Polypropylene (PP)