Dyski poliestrowe

Do stosowania z membranami, w przypadkach gdy wymagane jest zwiększenie przepływu i przepustowości.
For use with membrane hardware where extra support is needed for improved flow rate and throughput. The polyester drain disk is binder free and has a thickness of 100um. It provides a flat surface to prevent filter tearing or rupturing. It is also used as a separator between membrane layers in serial stack filtration applications. This chemically inert support disc is available in a variety of diameters for use in a range of devices. Applications include: general laboratory microfiltration, quality control and sterility testing, removal of particles from HPLC solvents, and tissue culture media filtration.
Dyski poliestrowe
Dyski poliestrowe
Material Polyester (PE) 
Binder Type Binder free 
Product Product Name Filter membrane diameter
230300 Polyester Drain Disc; 10 mm; PE; membrane filter accessories 10 mm
230500 Polyester Drain Disc; 22 mm; PE; membrane filter accessories 22 mm
230600 Polyester Drain Disc; 25 mm; PE; membrane filter accessories 25 mm
230800 Polyester Drain Disc; 37 mm; PE; membrane filter accessories 37 mm
231100 Polyester Drain Disc; 47 mm; PE; membrane filter accessories 47 mm