Mikropłytki UNIFILTER 384-dołkowe - 100 µl

Mikropłytki z dnem filtrującym używane do puryfikacji matryc DNA, wychwytywania komórek, usuwania zanieczyszczeń z próbek i reagentów oraz usuwania wybarwień w próbkach biologicznych.
Whatman UNIFILTER 384 well microplates with filter bottom wells are used in DNA template clean-up, cell capture, removing unwanted debris from sample and reagents, and removing dye blobs in biological samples.

• Usable with gel filtration media, allowing high-throughput removal of dye blobs
• Long drip director prevents well-to-well cross contamination
• Rigid, clear polystyrene microplate can withstand centrifugation
• Membrane media option of DNA binding polymer or glass microfiber

Whatman UNIFILTER microplate options include membrane types and well volumes appropriate for a variety of applications. Browse the Whatman range for small sample microplates, sample recovery microplates, and more.

Polystyrene microplate for clean-up and cell capture
A high-throughput microplate can facilitate cell capture or dye removal and other sample clean-up processes requiring high recovery. Whatman UNIFILTER microplates are a good choice because of their long drip director and their ability to support gel filtration media.
Product Product Name Filter media
7700-1101 384W 100µL Dye Terminator 50/PK Dye Terminator
7700-2106 384W 100µL 0.45 PVDF PHI 50/PK 0.45 µm PVDF
7700-2110 384W DNA Binding 50/PK DNA Binding