Szklany zestaw do filtracji próżniowej Seria GV 100

Szlany zestaw do filtracji próżniowej.
• Chemically resistant to most aqueous and organic solutions.
• Resistant to acids and caustic solutions.
• Autoclavable and can be sterilized in dry heat to 180°C.
• Can be used up to 200°C.

We offer a choice of Whatman holders for use with membrane filters.
Szklany zestaw do filtracji próżniowej Seria GV 100
Material Glass 
Funnel Volume 500 ml
Filter Format 100 mm
Filter Surface 70 cm2
Diameter Filter: 90 mm
Height 225 mm 
Upper and Lower parts Borosilicate glass 
Frit Glass D2 
Sieve Stainless steel; PTFE coated 
Seals PTFE and silicone 
Clamps Aluminum and stainless steel 
Flask Borosilicate glass 
Material (Cap) Silicone 
Hose Connection POM; thread RD14 
Prefilter dia. 80 mm
Product Product Name Model
10443000 GV 100/0 Glass vacuum filtration device; glass frit filter GV 100/0
10443100 GV 100/1 Glass vacuum filtration device; sieve filter GV 100/1
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