Gilzy kwarcowe

Gilzy kwarcowe o wysokiej czystkość gwarantują dokładność i powtarzalność w badaniach emisji, dzięki niskiemu poziomowi substancji ekstrahowalnych i odporności termicznej do 800°C.
High-purity Whatman™ quartz thimbles support accurate, reproducible emission testing by providing low extractable levels and temperature resistance up to 800°C.

• Appropriate for manual sampling in aggressive environments
• Suitable for both solvent extraction and air sampling applications
• High-purity quartz/silica, for high-temperature resistance (up to 800°C)
• No binders or chemical additives
• Low heavy metal content
• High collection efficiency

We also offer glass and cellulose extraction thimbles.

Emission testing and particulate monitoring applications
• Emission testing and smoke stack gas sampling
• Gravimetric calculations in gases
• Analysis of hot and acidic gases
• Trace element analysis
• Analysis of pesticides and residues

Quartz thimble filter size
Each Whatman™ quartz thimble is made from high-purity quartz with low heavy metal concentrations. Thimbles are 90 mm in length, tapered for stack sample loading, and have an outside diameter of 25 mm.
Gilzy kwarcowe
Application Smoke stack gas monitoring. Soxhlet extraction. Analyzing pesticide residues. Determining oil/fat content of foods. Analysis of oil and grease in solid wastes. 
Material Silica 
o.d. 25 mm 
Length 90 mm; tapered 
Binder Without binder 
Product Product Name Pack size
2812-259 Quartz Extraction Thimble for Emission Testing; tapered; 25 × 90 mm (10 pcs) 10 pieces