Filtry kapsułowe Polydisc In-Line, Aqueous Solution

Filtry kapsułowe in-line Polydisc AS (Aqueous Solution) posiadające wysokowydajne membrany PES z prefiltrem z włókna szklanego. Filtry dostarczane są w sterylnych blistrach.
Whatman™ Polydisc AS (Aqueous Solution) in-line filters feature high-throughput PES membranes with a glass microfiber prefilter. Polydisc comes presterilized in medical-grade blister packs.

• Whatman™ filters with polyethersulfone membranes have low protein binding and are surfactant-free
• GMF prefilter removes heavy particulates, increasing membrane longevity
• Radiation sterilized, so there are no ethylene oxide (EtO) residuals
• Barbed hose connections fit multiple tubing sizes
• Integrity-testable with the bubble point method
• Lightweight design prevents tubing collapse

Whatman™ disc filters offer a wide range of high-throughput, in-line options.

Polyethersulfone membranes for aqueous solutions
AS Polydisc filters use polyethersulfone membranes, which are low protein binding and surfactant free, making them the recommended membrane for many pharmaceutical applications.

These membranes have been demonstrated to contribute low levels of extractables which might otherwise interfere with sample analysis. Polydisc AS also incorporates a glass microfiber prefilter to handle heavy particulates and extend membrane life.

Irradiation sterilized for immediate pharmaceutical use
Nonsterile filters can be sterilized in the lab by autoclaving, but filters must be tested afterwards to ensure integrity. AS Polydisc filters eliminate the need for autoclaving, because each filter is provided irradiated and presterilized in its own "medical grade" clear blister pack, secured in a protective shelf pack.
Filtry kapsułowe Polydisc In-Line, Aqueous Solution
Prefilter Material Glass Microfiber (GMF) 
Diameter 50 mm
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Connections Tubing Nozzle 6 to 10 mm i.d. hose 
Filtration Area 20.4 cm2
Filling Volume 540 µL
Product Product Name Pore size Sterility
6724-5002 Polydisc AS; PES membrane; 0.2 µm; sterile (10 pcs) 0.2 µm Sterile
6724-5045 Polydisc AS; PES membrane; 0.45 µm; sterile (10 pcs) 0.45 µm Sterile
6724-5145 Polydisc AS; PES membrane; 0.45 µm; (50 pcs) 0.45 µm Nonsterile