Filtr specjalny Grade 72

Papier filtracyjny z węglem aktywnym, przeznaczony do monitorowania zanieczyszczenia powietrza radioaktywnym jodem w instalacjach medycznych i jądrowych.
Whatman™ Grade 72 activated carbon air filter paper is designed for air pollution monitoring of radioactive iodine in medical and nuclear installations.

• High-quality composite cellulose/glass filter paper
• Loaded with activated carbon for radioactive iodine absorption
• Suitable for use in radioactive environments

We offer a range of application-specific filters under the Whatman™ brand, including options for use in soil analysis and in the sugar industry.

Activated carbon air filter benefits
Air pollution monitoring of radioactive iodine in medical or nuclear installations is a critical safety requirement. Grade 72 cellulose filter papers are designed specifically for these environments, delivering sensitive and accurate results by absorbing any radioactive iodine in the air for analysis.
Filtr specjalny Grade 72
Grade Grade 72 
Diameter 47 mm
Application Used to absorb radioactive iodine in air pollution monitoring and in nuclear installations. 
Weight 195 g/m2
Material Cellulose 
Product Product Name Pack size
1872-047 Grade 72 Activated Carbon Air Filter; 47 mm circle (100 pcs) 100 pieces