Filtry strzykawkowe Acrodisc zoptymalizowane pod kątem skalowania

Używany w aplikacjach obejmujących projektowanie leków i wstępne testy filtrowalności.
Acrodisc™ syringe filters optimized for scale up, a Pall Life Sciences product, contain the same materials of construction as larger-capacity capsules and cartridges to enable easy transition to pilot or full-scale production.

Simplifies scale-up and minimizes revalidation; no need to change membrane materials during transition to pilot or production.
Four membrane chemistries assure compatibility with a wide range of fluids:
Supor™ membrane has high flow rates and throughputs, and is ideal for solutions where low protein binding is required. Not recommended with some ketones.
Fluorodyne II membrane offers high flow rates and is ideal for applications where PVDF membrane is specified. Not recommended with some ethers.
Ultipor™ membrane provides broad solvent and chemical compatibility, and low extractables.
Posidyne™ membrane enhances bioburden and pyrogen removal from aqueous solutions.
Integrity testable (water bubble point).
Bacterial retention tested.
Sterilized by gamma irradiation to eliminate potential contamination by EtO residuals.
Filtry strzykawkowe Acrodisc zoptymalizowane pod kątem skalowania
Product Product Name
4902-N 0.2 µm Supor EKV membrane; sterile (50/pkg)
4906-N 0.2 µm; Ultipor membrane; sterile (50/pkg)
4905-N 0.8/0.2 µm; Supor membrane; sterile (50/pkg)
4907-N 0.2 µm; Fluorodyne II membrane; sterile (50/pkg)
4908-N 0.2 µm; Posidyne membrane; sterile (50/pkg)