Filtry strzykawkowe Anotop, sterylne

Sterylne filtry strzykawkowe Anotop zawierają nieorganiczną membranę Anopore. Niska wiązalność białek, charakterystyczna dla tej membrany, że doskonale nadaje się on do filtracji biologicznej.
Whatman™ Anotop sterile syringe filters contain an inorganic Anopore membrane. The low protein binding exhibited by this sterile membrane filter make it well suited for biological filtration.

• Sterile syringe filters for critical applications
• Aluminum-based inorganic Anotop syringe filters in three pore sizes
• Compatible with most organic solvents and aqueous samples
• Low hold-up volume (< 20 μl for Anotop 10) for maximum sample recovery
• Made without wetting agents or adhesives for low risk of sample contamination
• Capillary pore structure supports highly consistent filtration results

Multi-purpose sterile syringe filters
Whatman™ Anotop filters offer chemical inertness and functionality in a wide range of solvents and temperatures. Sterile Anotop filters can be used as a phage and virus filtration membrane, or for cold sterilization* of growth media, protein removal, filtration prior to spectrophotometric analysis, or other analytical methods.

Low protein binding polypropylene syringe filters
Unlike many organic membranes, the inorganic Anopore membranes in Anotop syringe filters have sharply defined capillary pore structures with narrow pore-size distribution.

The syringe filter’s pigment-free polypropylene housing is made without wetting agents or adhesives, designed for low extractable levels, low protein binding, and minimal sample hold-up. These features make Anotop syringe filters a good option for filtration of valuable, proteinaceous samples where minimal loss is required.
Filtry strzykawkowe Anotop, sterylne
Filtry strzykawkowe Anotop, sterylne
Filtration Media Proprietary alumina based Anopore membrane 
Sterility Sterile 
Inlet Connector Female luer lock 
Outlet Connector Male luer 
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Operating pressure max. 6.9 bar (100 psi) 
Dimensions 36.8 x 26.3 mm 
Membrane Thickness Avg. 60 µm
Extractable Materials Low 
Protein Adsorption Low 
Construction Process Thermal weld 
Device Shape Hexagonal 
Material Anapore 
Product Product Name Pore size Diameter
6809-1102 Anotop 10 mm Sterile Syringe Filters; 0.02 µm (50 pcs) 10 mm 0.02 µm
6809-1112 Anotop 10 mm Sterile Syringe Filters; 0.1 µm (50 pcs) 10 mm 0.1 µm
6809-1122 Anotop 10 mm Sterile Syringe Filters; 0.2 µm (50 pcs) 10 mm 0.2 µm
6809-2102 Anotop 25 mm Sterile Syringe Filters; 0.02 µm (50 pcs) 25 mm 0.02 µm
6809-2112 Anotop 25 mm Sterile Syringe Filters; 0.1 µm (50 pcs) 25 mm 0.1 µm
6809-2122 Anotop 25 mm Sterile Syringe Filters; 0.2 µm (50 pcs) 25 mm 0.2 µm
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