Filtry z włókna kwarcowego QM-B

Filtry z mikrowłókien kwarcowych o najwyższej czystości przeznaczone do określonych zastosowań w monitoringu powietrza.
High-purity Whatman™ QM-B quartz fiber filters are designed for use in specific air monitoring applications.

QM-B filters are similar to standard QM-A quartz fiber filters, which are recommended more commonly for air testing applications. By comparison, QM-B is approximately twice as heavy, twice as thick, and offers slower flow rates.

Because of these characteristics, QM-B can be used in air monitoring applications requiring increased strength or durability.

The Whatman™ range of high-purity quartz filter options also includes Grade QM-A and Grade QM-H filters, which can withstand temperatures up to 800°C and 900°C, respectively. Each filter grade has unique strengths for air monitoring applications.
Filtry z włókna kwarcowego QM-B
Grade QMB 
Diameter 42.5 mm
Nominal Air Flow Rate 12 s/100ml/in2 
Nominal Basis Weight 170 g/m2
Max recommended temperature 800 °C 
Material Quartz 
Product Product Name Pack size
1852-042 Quartz Air Sampling Filter; Grade QM-B; 42 mm circle (50 pcs) 50 pieces