Filtry GF/A w karcie

Filtry GF/A w oprawie stosowane są w stacjach monitorujących i samplerach powietrza. Filtry te, służące do próbkowania aerozoli i monitorowania cząstek stałych zapewniają wysokie przepływy i znikomy wpływ na próbkę.
Whatman™'s Grade GF/A card-mounted filters are used in static sample and personal air sampler applications. These aerosol sampling and particulate monitoring filters provide high flow rates and minimal sample interference. 

• Card dimensions: 55 mm × 37.5 mm
• Manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 QMS standards
• Made of high-quality borosilicate glass fibers without added binders
• Low moisture affinity and high loading capacity
• Card-mounted for use with a continuous air monitor or personal air sampler

Suspended particulate matter analysis
Accurate suspended particulate matter analysis is critical in nuclear plants and similar environments. Whatman™ Grade GF/A card-mounted glass filters are manufactured using high-quality materials to help ensure reliable results.

The GF/A card-mounted filter has dimensions of 55 mm × 37.5. Please verify that your personal air sampler supports a sample card of this size.
Grade GF/A 
Nominal Air Flow Rate 4.3 s/100 ml/in2
Material Borosilicate glass; card mount 
Binder Type Binder Free 
Product Product Name Pack size
18208296 Grade GF/A Filter for Personal Air Samplers; 3.2 cm (100 pcs) 100 pieces