Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 9, z lepiszczem

Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 9 wzmocnione lepiszczem nieorganicznym, przeznaczone są do analiz środowiskowych ciężkich, gruboziarnistych próbek.
Whatman™ Grade GF 9 glass microfiber filters are strengthened with an inorganic binder for environmental analysis of coarse, heavy samples.

• Retention of coarse particles (~ 3 µm)
• Strengthened with inorganic binder
• Can withstand temperatures up to 500°C
• Medium filtration speed
• Can be used as a pre-filter for dense samples

We provide a number of binder-strengthened filters for use in varied environmental analyses. Browse the Whatman™ range of glass filters to find the right binder and retention for your application.

Strength for environmental analysis
Grade GF 9 borosilicate glass filters can be used in a range of environmental analysis applications. The added strength of the inorganic binder makes these filters appropriate for use in retention of samples with heavy particles. Other applications include:

• Determination of PCB*, DDE, DDT, furans, and dioxins in air
• Pollution measurements in industrial, urban, and populated areas
• Dust measurements in the workplace
• Determination of dust fraction in technical gases
• Testing the effectiveness of dust-collecting
Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 9, z lepiszczem
Filtry z włókna szklanego GF 9, z lepiszczem
Application Used in the filtration of coarse particles. Frequently used in environmental analysis; in the determination of PCB; DDE; DDT; furans and dioxins in the air; pollution measurements in industrial; urban and populated areas; cement factories; iron and steel industry; dust measurements at the workplace; determination of the dust fraction in technical gases; and testing the effectiveness of dust-collecting. 
Grade Grade GF 9 
Filtration Speed Medium 
Air Flow Rate 27 s/100 ml/1.56 cm
Basis Weight 70 g/m2
Operating Temperature <500 °C 
Material Borosilicate glass 
Format Circles 
Binder Type Inorganic 
Typical Thickness 350 µm
Product Product Name Format
10370202 Grade GF 9 Filter with Inorganic Binder; 50 mm circle (200 pcs) 50 mm
10370205 Grade GF 9 Filter with Inorganic Binder; 90 mm circle (100 pcs) 90 mm
10370206 Grade GF 9 Filter with Inorganic Binder; 110 mm circle (100 pcs) 110 mm
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