Membrany poliwęglanowe Nuclepore, czarne

Czarne, poliwęglanowe filtry membranowe typu track-etched (PCTE) charakteryzujące się wysoką widzialnością cząstek w aplikacjach standardowego zliczania mikroorganizmów oraz w mikroskopii epifluorescencyjnej.
Nuclepore black membrane filters are polycarbonate track-etched (PCTE) membranes with high particle visibility for standard plate count and epifluorescence microscopy applications.

• Smooth, gridded PCTE membrane surface efficiently supports microorganism enumeration in a standard plate count
• Irgalan black membranes for reduced background fluorescence in support of epifluorescence microscopy
• Extremely low nonspecific absorption

Explore the full range of Whatman™ Nuclepore polycarbonate membrane filters for hydrophilic, hydrophobic, black, and gold-coated membranes

Black membranes for rapid standard plate count results
Nuclepore membrane filters are compatible with the direct epifluorescent microscopy filter technique (DEFT), which allows microorganisms to be counted directly on a filter. DEFT can be conducted in under half an hour, sidestepping the standard > 24 hour process of incubating a microbial sample.

Whatman™’s irgalan black membranes greatly reduce background fluorescence, improving visibility and helping to distinguish microorganisms from other particulates.

Microscopic membrane filters
Whatman™’s microscopic membrane filters are made by track-etching – the polycarbonate is bombarded with radiation and chemically treated to create sharp, uniform filter pores. The PCTE membrane is designed to trap microbes efficiently, and can be more effective than other filter media for certain microorganisms.
Membrany poliwęglanowe Nuclepore, czarne
Application Potable water Ultra pure water Food and dairy Wine and beverages Clinical Electronics 
Color Black 
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Product Product Name Diameter Pack size
110656 Nuclepore Polycarbonate Black Membrane Filter; circle; 0.2 µm pore size; 25 mm (100 pcs) 0.2 µm 25 mm
110657 Nuclepore Polycarbonate Black Membrane Filter; circle; 0.4 µm pore size; 25 mm (100 pcs) 0.4 µm 25 mm
110659 Nuclepore Polycarbonate Black Membrane Filter; circle; 0.8 µm pore size; 25 mm (100 pcs) 0.8 µm 25 mm
111156 Nuclepore Polycarbonate Black Membrane Filter; circle; 0.2 µm pore size; 47 mm (100 pcs) 0.2 µm 47 mm