Kompresor ręczny dla Mini-UniPrep G2

Kompresor ręczny dla Mini-UniPrep G2 przeznaczony jest do stosowania z fiolkami filtracyjnymi Mini-UniPrep G2 - szybkimi i ekonomicznymi jednostkami filtracyjnymi, znacznie upraszczającymi proces przygotowania próbek UHPLC i HPLC.
The Mini-UniPrep hand compressor is a time reducing compressor for the Mini-UniPrep G2 syringeless filter, a fast and cost-effective syringeless filter that simplifies UHPLC and HPLC sample filtration.

• Ergonomic hand compressor allows for sample preparation with increased hand comfort
• Mini-UniPrep all-in-one syringeless filter prepares samples three times faster than standard syringe filter method
• Mini-UniPrep glass or polypropylene vials support analyses such as pharmaceutical quality control (pharma QC) and water monitoring
• Mini-UniPrep vials can be loaded directly into the autosampler

Whatman™ Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters are available with a variety of membrane types, pore sizes, and vial characteristics. Browse the Mini-UniPrep range to find the right filter for your application.

Streamline filtration with a hand or multi compressor
Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters can be filtered by applying thumb pressure to the cap and forcing the plunger into the vial. Alternatively, use of a hand compressor allows for pressure to be spread over the palm of the hand to reduce fatigue over multiple samples.

Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters
By combining a syringe filter, vial, cap, septum, and plunger into a single device, syringeless filters provide a fast and easy way to remove particles from samples being prepared for Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) or High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis.
Kompresor ręczny dla Mini-UniPrep G2
Kompresor ręczny dla Mini-UniPrep G2
Application Routine UHPLC/HPLC analysis. Composite assays. Content uniformity testing. Protein precipitation. Solubility testing. Dissolution testing. Sample filtration. Use with any compound that requires protection from light; such as catecholamines or vitamins. 
Product Product Name Pack size
MUPG2HCPWC1 Mini-UniPrep G2 Hand Compressor; for UHPLC/HPLC sample filtration (1 pc) 1 piece