Multikompresor dla Mini-UniPrep

Multikompresor dla fiolek Mini-UniPrep oszczędza czas i redukuje zmęczenie rąk przy pracy z fiolkami filtracyjnymi Mini-UniPrep podczas przygotowywania próbki.
Mini-UniPrep Multicompressor including one 8-position tray for standard Plastic Mini-UniPrep filter vials.

• Streamlines syringeless filtration by filtering up to eight filter vials simultaneously
• Designed for Mini-UniPrep standard plastic filter vial
• Mini-UniPrep vials can be loaded directly into the autosampler

The newly redesigned Whatman™ Mini-UniPrep Multicompressor streamlines filtration, saves time and reduces hand stress by enabling the filtration of eight Mini-UniPrep vials at once. The multiprocessor includes one blue 8-position tray. Additional trays are available, giving the added convenience of pre-loading up to eight Mini-UniPrep filter vials.
Multikompresor dla Mini-UniPrep
Multikompresor dla Mini-UniPrep
Application HPLC/UPLC 
Capacity Max. 8 plastic Mini-UniPrep vials ml
Color White/Purple 
Dimensions 330mm L X 324mm w x 185mm H 
Product Product Name Pack size
MUPMCPBC8 Whatman™ Mini-UniPrep Multicompressor 1