Tacka do multikompresora dla Mini-UniPrep G2

Tacka do multikompresora dla fiolek Mini UniPrep G2 umożliwia załadowanie ośmiu próbek, co dodatkowo zwiększa oszczędność czasu, jaką zapewniają fiolki filtracyjne Mini-UniPrep G2.
A Mini UniPrep G2 multicompressor tray allows you to preload eight samples, further increasing the time savings provided by Mini-UniPrep G2 syringeless filtration line.

• A multicompressor streamlines syringeless filtration – preload in advance with an extra tray
• Designed for Mini-UniPrep G2 combines a borosilicate glass vial, plunger and attached filter membrane, and septum with cap

The borosilicate glass design of the Mini-UniPrep G2 minimizes the risk of leachables contaminating a sample, making it an excellent choice for pharmaceutical quality control (pharma QC) and water monitoring applications. The glass design prevents interference from hydrocarbon extractables that could be found in plastic.

Increased filtration speed
Whatman™ Mini UniPrep G2 can be used with a multicompressor that can process up to eight samples at one time. An extra tray allows you to prepare samples in advance, resulting in reduced overall filtration time.
Tacka do multikompresora dla Mini-UniPrep G2
Application HPLC/UPLC 
Capacity Max. 8 Mini-UniPrep vials ml
Color White/Purple 
Dimensions 110mm L x 110mm w x 45mm H 
Product Product Name Pack size
MUPG2MCWT8 Multicompressor Tray for Mini UniPrep G2 syringeless HPLC filter (1 pc) 1