Kapsuły Versapor™ do filtracji surowicy

Filtra kapsułowy z membraną Versapor™ z prefiltrem z włókna szklanego idealny do filtracji surowicy z maksymalną przepustowością.
The Versapor™ serum capsule, a Pall Life Sciences product, is specifically designed to maximize throughput in applications where a heavy particulate load is common, such as in serum filtration.

The capsule incorporates two layers of filtration media: a glass fiber prefilter followed by a Versapor™ (acrylic copolymer) membrane. The glass fiber filter uses depth filtration to extend the life of the filter, maximizing throughput while removing the majority of the particulate. The Versapor™ membrane assures that glass fibers are not shed downstream.
Disposable; no extensive set-up or clean-up required
Biologically safe materials of construction
Extends the life of the final filter.
Effective Filtration Area 500 cm˛
Filter Media Versapor hydrophilicacryliccopolymer on a nonwoven support
Housing Material polycarbonate
Max. Operating Pressure (bar) 3.4 bar
Max. Operating Temperature (Metric) 88° C
Pack size 1
Removal Rating (µm) 1.2 µm
Retention Rating 1.2 µm
Filter media Versapor hydrophilicacryliccopolymer on a nonwoven support
Effective filtration area 500 cm˛
Retintion rating 1.2 µm
Product Product Name Housing material Filter media Effective filtration area Retintion rating
12168 Capsule  Serum GF/1.2UM Versapor 1/PK polycarbonate Versapor hydrophilicacryliccopolymer on a nonwoven support 500 cm˛ 1.2 µm
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