Filtry kapsułowe in-line Polydisc SPF

Filtry kapsułowe Polydisc SPF zawierające filtr z mikrowłókna szklanego (GMF) i membranę polieterosulfonową (PES), przeznaczone do oczyszczania surowicy i innych trudnych do filtrowania roztworów.
Polydisc SPF disc filters contain a glass microfiber (GMF) and polyethersulfone (PES) stack designed to purify serum and other hard-to-filter solutions.

• High-throughput, in-line prefilters for use upstream of serum filters
• GMF prefilter captures large particles and cell debris while PES stack removes remaining particles and bacteria larger than 1 µm
• Designed to extend the life of downstream serum filters
• Effective for microbiology and tissue culture, immunoassays, virology, and diagnostic controls
• 6 to 10 mm i.d. hose connection

Whatman™ membranes offer a wide range of high-throughput, in-line options.

Disc filters for serum prefiltration
Filtering serum requires removing proteins, lipids, salts, and other cell debris. This range of particulate matter is effectively handled with multi-layer prefilters to facilitate downstream work and to avoid clogging later serum filters.

Polydisc SPF stacks a high-flow, hydrophilic PES membrane with a high particle-loading GMF filter to clean out particulates from serum and reduce stress on the final-stage serum filters.
Filtry kapsułowe in-line Polydisc SPF
Filtry kapsułowe in-line Polydisc SPF
Filtry kapsułowe in-line Polydisc SPF
Pore Size 1 µm
Prefilter Material Glass Microfiber (GMF) 
Diameter 50 mm
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Connections Tubing Nozzle 6 to 10 mm i.d. hose 
Filtration Area 20.4 cm2
Filling Volume 540 µL
Product Product Name Dimensions
6724-5000 Polydisc SPF Filter; polypropylene; 1 µm (10 pcs) 10 Pieces