Filtry wentylacyjne ReZist in-line

Filtry in-line ReZist to urządzenia wentylacyjne, przeznaczone do pracy jako filtry ochronne w instalacjach oraz do zastosowań izolacyjnych podczas pracy z agresywnymi rozpuszczalnikami.
ReZist in-line filters are lightweight air venting units suitable for protective vents, in-line filtration, and isolation applications when working with chemically harsh solvents.

• Integral hydrophobic PTFE venting membrane is resistant to harsh solvents
• Can be autoclaved multiple times without loss of integrity
• Integrity-testable (bubble point or water breakthrough pressure in situ methods)
• Lightweight: avoids the collapsing of tubing that can be caused by heavy filter devices
• Appropriate for in-line HPLC sample preparation

ReZist in-line filters are part of the Whatman™ in-line filtration range. Browse the Whatman™ range to find the right in-line filter for your application.

This device features a PTFE venting membrane, which is well suited for chemically aggressive solutions, reagents, and organic solvents. The 1 µm device features a polypropylene prefilter for use with heavily contaminated samples, increasing the life span of the final membrane.
Filtry wentylacyjne ReZist in-line
Filtry wentylacyjne ReZist in-line
Pore Size 0.2 µm
Prefilter Material Polypropylene (PP) 
Diameter 50 mm
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Connections Tubing Nozzle 6 to 10 mm i.d. hose 
Filtration Area 20.4 cm2
Sterility Nonsterile 
Product Product Name Sterility Pack size
10463607 ReZist Air Venting Filter; 50 mm; PTFE; 0.2 µm; sterile (10 pcs) Sterile 10 pieces
10463608 ReZist Air Venting Filter; 50 mm; PTFE; 0.2 µm; (10 pcs) Nonsterile 10 pieces
10463609 ReZist Air Venting Filter; 50 mm; PTFE; 0.2 µm; (50 pcs) Nonsterile 50 pieces
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