Filtry kapsułowe Polydisc in-line, Ground Water

Filtry kapsułowe in-line przeznaczone specjalnie do przygotowania próbek wody gruntowej w analizie rozpuszczonych metali ciężkich.
Polydisc GW (Ground Water) is an in-line filter specifically designed for preparation of ground water samples for dissolved heavy metal analysis.

• Hydrophilic, durable nylon membrane is compatible with aqueous samples
• 100% quartz fiber prefilter with low heavy metal content allows filtration of larger volumes of even heavily particle-laden samples
• Certified low background metal values for heavy metal testing
• Large 20.4 cm˛ filtration area
• Tubing nozzle compatible with 6–14 mm i.d. hose

Whatman™ brand filter options offer a wide range of high-throughput, in-line choices for a variety of applications.

Polydisc GW for ground water sampling
Polydisc GW’s large filter surface, durable nylon Whatman™ membrane, and quartz fiber prefilter result in high dirt-loading capacity. The filter was designed in line with regulatory requirements for groundwater testing found in US EPA Method 3005A.

Certified for heavy metal analysis
Heavy metal testing in ground water often requires an aqueous filter to reduce a sample’s turbidity, but results can be skewed if the filter itself contains heavy metals. Whatman™ certifies each Polydisc GW batch for low background values for the determination of trace elements.
Filtry kapsułowe Polydisc in-line, Ground Water
Pore Size 0.45 µm
Prefilter Material 100% Quartz fiber 
Diameter 52 mm
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Connections Tubing Nozzle 6 to 14 mm i.d. hose 
Filtration Area 20.4 cm2
Capacity Up to 200 ml 
Filling Volume 540 µL
Operating pressure max. 4.5 bar (65 psi) 
Operating temp. max. 80°C 
Heavy Metal Content Certified 
Product Product Name Pack size
10463400 Polydisc GW Filter 50 mm; nylon with quartz fiber prefilter; 0.45 µm (20 pcs) 20 pieces
10463401 Polydisc GW Filter 50 mm; nylon with quartz fiber prefilter; 0.45 µm (50 pcs) 50 pieces