Filtry/odgazowywacze in-line rozpuszczalnika (IFD)

Wysokoprzepływowy filtr/odgazowywacz HPLC, przeznaczony do jednoczesnego filtrowania i odgazowywania organicznej fazy ruchomej HPLC.
Solvent IFD is a high-flow HPLC in-line filter/degasser, designed to simultaneously filter and degas organically based HPLC mobile phases.

• Faster than traditional mobile phase preparation
• Chemically resistant polypropylene membrane and housing, built to filter solvent mobile phases without expensive stand-alone degassing equipment
• Air vent on inlet with luer lock cap
• Integrity-testable with the bubble point method
• End fittings included – for replacement rings and caps, see our IFD end fitting kit

Whatman™ IFD options are available for a variety of applications. Browse Whatman™ brand IFD products to find the right in-line degassing equipment.

Solvent IFD with solvent-resistant polypropylene
A sturdy and chemically resistant medium is needed to filter and degas an organic solvent. Polypropylene is largely inert, compatible with many chemicals, and retains stability across a range of temperatures. The 0.2 µm high-flow polypropylene membrane and housing makes Solvent IFD suitable to filter and degas these solvents.

In-line filter design
The Solvent IFD’s all-polypropylene housing is sealed by a security ring. The filter includes fittings to accommodate 1/16”–1/8” tubing and an air vent on the inlet with luer lock cap to enable priming.

The in-line filter works on the principle of "bubble point" – the point of pressure at which gases will pass through a wet membrane. If pressure is maintained below the bubble point, the gas will not pass through the membrane and is trapped by the particular filter device.
Filtry/odgazowywacze in-line rozpuszczalnika (IFD)
Pore Size 0.2 µm
Diameter 50 mm
Housing Polypropylene (PP) 
Filtration Area 16 cm2
Product Product Name Connections
6725-5002 Solvent IFD; 0.2 µm; 50 mm; polypropylene; 0.8 to 4 mm diameter tubing (10 pcs) diameter tubing 0.8 to 4 mm
6725-5002A Solvent IFD; 0.2 µm; 50 mm; polypropylene; 1/8" diameter tubing only (10 pcs) 1/8" tubing only