Szklany zestaw do filtracji próżniowej Seria GV 100

Szlany zestaw do filtracji próżniowej.
• Chemically resistant to most aqueous and organic solutions.
• Resistant to acids and caustic solutions.
• Autoclavable and can be sterilized in dry heat to 180°C.
• Can be used up to 200°C.

We offer a choice of Whatman™ holders for use with membrane filters.
Szklany zestaw do filtracji próżniowej Seria GV 100
Material Glass 
Funnel Volume 500 ml
Filter Format 100 mm
Filter Surface 70 cm2
Diameter Filter: 90 mm
Height 225 mm 
Upper and Lower parts Borosilicate glass 
Frit Glass D2 
Sieve Stainless steel; PTFE coated 
Seals PTFE and silicone 
Clamps Aluminum and stainless steel 
Flask Borosilicate glass 
Material (Cap) Silicone 
Hose Connection POM; thread RD14 
Prefilter dia. 80 mm
Product Product Name Model
10443000 GV 100/0 Glass vacuum filtration device; glass frit filter GV 100/0
10443100 GV 100/1 Glass vacuum filtration device; sieve filter GV 100/1
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