Leje filtracyjne trzyczęściowe

Do szybkiej i łatwej filtracji, dostępne w kilku rozmiarach oraz z trzema typami płytek.
For quick and easy filtration, Whatman™ 3-Piece filter funnels are available with a choice of three plates. They also come in several sizes to match your needs.

3-piece filter funnel
The increased use of high-efficiency glass microfiber filters in modern laboratories has created a demand for simple and effective filter-holding systems. Whatman™ 3-piece filter funnels have been designed to complement the range of Whatman™ fine particle retention, rapid flow rate glass microfiber filters.

Functional design
Three-piece construction. The funnel is quickly dismantled ready for the insertion of a new filter. The glass sealing flanges of the funnel and reservoir are ground flat to ensure a good filter seal.

Positive filter clamping
All retained solids are deposited within the filter circle. Edge clamping prevents peripheral loss and possible passage of solution around, rather than through, the filter circle.

Simple to clean
The parts can be quickly and efficiently cleaned because of the simplicity of the design.

A choice of three plates
Acrylic Plate: Supplied as standard. Suitable for filtration of most aqueous solutions. Maximum working temperature 65°C. Polypropylene Plate: Optional extra. Recommended for most acids (except concentrated nitric acid and fuming sulfuric acid) at room temperature. Suitable also for most alcohols, glycols, ethers, and ketones. Maximum working temperature 100°C. PTFE Plate: Optional extra. For virtually all common acids, alkalis, and solvents at temperatures up to 100°C. Maximum working temperature 200°C.
Leje filtracyjne 3-częściowe
Product Product Name Filter Dimension Reservoir Volume
1950-002 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 25 mm; 16 ml reservoir 2.5 cm 16 ml
1950-004 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 47 mm; 36 ml reservoir 4.7 cm 36 ml
1950-007 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 70 mm; 115 ml reservoir 7 cm 115 ml
1950-009 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 90 mm; 200 ml reservoir 9 cm 200 ml
1950-012 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 125 mm; 530 ml reservoir 12.5 cm 530 ml
1950-017 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 70 mm; 210 ml reservoir 7 cm 210 ml
1950-027 Filter Funnel; 3-piece; 70 mm; 400 ml reservoir 7 cm 400 ml