Oprawy do membran Swinney 13 mm

Ekonomiczne oprawy do filtracji małych objętości (od 1 do 10 ml).
Swinney filter holders, a Pall Life Sciences product, are available in plastic and stainless steel versions.

They accept 13 mm filter discs. Luer inlet and outlet fittings provide easy connections, making them a good choice for s mall-volume (1 to 10 mL) filtration.
Oprawy do membran Swinney 13 mm
Product Product Name
PD2UATS1799-0001 13 mm  plastic Swinney (5/pkg) Item must be purchased in units of 10
4317-N Filter Holder Swinney 13mm Plastic 5pk
4042 13 mm stainless steel Swinney (1/pkg)
83072 PTFE seal washer (1/pkg)
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