Sterylne filtry membranowe z azotanu celulozy

Polecane do hodowli mikrobiologicznych i przygotowania próbek. Charakteryzują się bardzo dokładną, submikronową dystrybucją porów oraz niskim poziomem substancji wymywalnych.
Recommended for microbiological culturing and sample preparation, Whatman™ cellulose nitrate membrane filters offer very narrow pore size distribution and low levels of extractables.

• Sterile membrane filters eliminate the risk of contamination that could impact analysis
• High strength and flexibility

We offer other Whatman™ brand cellulose nitrate membrane filters, including non-sterile, non-gridded, gridded, and MicroPlus options.

Sterile membrane filters for sample preparation
Whatman™’s cellulose nitrate sterile membrane filters are well suited for separation applications involving particles up to 12 µm. After sample preparation, filtration residue is almost completely retained by the plain white membrane surface, supporting clear microscopy and physical recovery of deposits.

High strength and flexibility preserves membrane integrity
Most membranes are inherently brittle and difficult to handle; some may be damaged as they are loaded into holders or during standard use. Whatman™ cellulose nitrate membrane filters are designed to tolerate rough handling.

Low extractable level minimizes sample contamination
Pharmaceutical, immunological, biomedical tissue culture, and trace analysis applications rely on knowing that filtration preserves the integrity of the original sample. Because Whatman™ cellulose nitrate membrane filters have a low level of extractables, they are a good choice for sample preparation of critical samples.
Sterylne filtry membranowe z azotanu celulozy
Application Sample preparation Microbiological studies Filtration of aqueous solutions 
Autoclavable Yes 
Color White 
Field of Application Sediment analysis (Water microbiology and analysis)
Hydrophobic No 
Hydrophilic Yes 
Material Cellulose Nitrate 
Membrane Type Plain 
Operating temp. max. 80°C
Pore Size 5 µm
Porosity Max. 84
Porosity Min. 66
Sterility Nonsterile 
Weight Max. 5.5 mg/cm2
Weight Min. 3.6 mg/cm2
Product Product Name Pack size
10401170 Cellulose Nitrate Membrane; plain; sterile; 0.45 µm pore size; 47 mm circle (100 pcs) 100 pieces
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