Membrany PTFE do filtracji fazy ruchomej HPLC

Membrany zaprojektowane z myślą o rygorystycznych wymaganiach filtracji fazy ruchomej
HPLC mobile phase filtration membranes, a Pall Life Sciences product, are designed for the stringent requirements of mobile phase filtration.

Membranes are identical in composition and quality to those used in HPLC-certified Acrodisc™ syringe filters
HPLC certification assures that the filters will not add artifacts to your analysis
GH Polypro membrane is the best choice for filtering mobile phases
PTFE membrane provides the ultimate in chemical compatibility for filtering harsh chemicals and HPLC mobile phases
Membrany PTFE do filtracji fazy ruchomej HPLC
Filter Media
wwPTFE (water wettable PTFE), TF (PTFE, hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene), PVDF (hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride), and Nylaflo™ (hydrophilic nylon) membranes

Pore Size
0.2 and 0.45 μm

Typical Thickness
wwPTFE Membrane
0.2 μm: 280 μm (11.0 mils)

TF (PTFE) Membrane
0.2 μm: 139 μm (5.5 mils)
0.45 μm: 135 μm (5.3 mils)

PVDF Membrane
0.2 μm: 140 μm (5.5 mils)
0.45 μm: 127 μm (5.0 mils)

Nylaflo™ Membrane 0.2 and 0.45 μm: 127 μm (5.0 mils)

Maximum Operating Temperature
wwPTFE Membrane: 55°C (131°F)
PVDF, TF (PTFE), and Nylaflo™ Membranes: 100°C (212°F)

Minimum Bubble Point – Water
IPA: wwPTFE Membrane
0.2 μm: 1 bar (100 kPa, 14.5 psi)
0.45 μm: .63 bar (63 kPa, 9.1 psi)

PVDF Membrane
0.2 μm: 2.3 bar (230 kPa, 34 psi)
0.45 μm: 1.1 bar (110 kPa, 16 psi)

Nylaflo™ Membrane
0.2 μm: 3.4 bar (340 kPa, 49 psi)
0.45 μm: 2.6 bar (260 kPa, 37 psi)

Minimum Bubble Point - IPA, TF (PTFE) Membrane
0.2 μm: 1.0 bar (100 kPa, 15 psi)
0.45 μm: 0.4 bar (40 kPa, 6 psi)

Purification and degassing of mobile phase solvents used in liquid chromatography applications
Product Product Name Removal rating
66149 HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration membranes - 0.45 µm; TF (PTFE) membrane (100/pkg) 0.45 µm
66143 HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration membranes - 0.2 µm; TF (PTFE) membrane (100/pkg) 0.2 µm
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