Mikropłytki UNIPLATE V-Bottom

Mikropłytki z punktowym dnem w kształcie litery V do wysokowydajnego odzyskiwania cennych, małych objętościowo próbek. Boczne ścianki studzienek gwarantują transport materiału do samego dna.
Whatman™ UNIPLATE features a pointed bottom for high efficiency recovery of valuable, small volume samples. The vertical sides of the well ensure that material runs into the well base.

• ‘V' bottom ensures maximum sample recovery – 99% liquid sample recovery is typical
• Appropriate for applications with small, expensive sample volumes
• High-quality polystyrene microplates
• Suitable for use with robotic handlers and centrifuge carriers

We offer several Whatman™ UNIPLATE options for sample collection and analysis. 24, 48, 96, and 384 well microplate options are available, as well as rectangular or round well bottom choices.

Microplates for liquid sample recovery
Liquid recovery is necessary for a variety of applications that require samples to be re-analyzed. Collection of liquid samples is a necessary step in returning samples to a process line. Whatman™ UNIPLATE polystyrene microplates feature a ‘V’ well bottom well suited for recovering small volume liquid samples.
Mikropłytki UNIPLATE V-Bottom
Mikropłytki UNIPLATE V-Bottom
Mikropłytki UNIPLATE V-Bottom
Material White polystyrene (PS) 
Well volume 250 µL
Well Format 96-well 
Order Information Does not comply with ANSI/SBS standards.
Product Product Name Pack size
7701-3250 UNIPLATE V Bottom Microplate; 96-well; 250 µL; clear polystyrene with V bottom (25 pcs) 50 pieces