System do filtracji tangencjalnej Minimate

Systemy do prowadzenia filtracji tangencjalnej w skali laboratoryjnej do zatężania, odsalania i procesów wymiany buforowej.
Minimate™ tangential flow filtration Systems, a Pall Life Sciences product, streamlines lab-scale concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange processes. The Minimate™ TFF system includes all the hardware, tubing, and fittings needed to get your TFF process up and running quickly.

High concentration factors. The low system working volume achieved through the use of a conical bottom reservoir and compact design enables high concentration factors from up to 1 L or more of sample to be achieved. Concentrate your sample down to as little as 5 mL.
All wetted components are made from low protein binding, chemically resistant, biologically safe materials.
Minimal sample carryover. The system has a very low volume and interior fluid contact area. Fluid does not pass through and is not retained in the pump mechanism.
Roller head peristaltic pumps provide gentle processing and are the choice for critical applications such as fragile biomolecules.
System components are designed for easy assembly and disassembly; no tools required. Tubing and fitting replacement is simple and quick. Slip nuts for luer locks eliminate tubing kinks.
Minimate tangential flow filtration Systems
Minimate tangential flow filtration Systems
Materials of Construction
Reservoir: Polysulfone
Reservoir Cover: Polypropylene
Reservoir O-Ring: Buna♦-N rubber (nitrile)
Magnetic Stir Bar: PTFE coated
Gauge Wetted Parts: Type 316L stainless steel
SS Fitting O-ring: EPDM rubber
Gauge Mounting Block: Polypropylene
Luer Fittings: Polypropylene and stainless steel
Tubing: PharMed♦ #16
Three-Way Valves: Polycarbonate body, acetal core
Drip Tray: Urethane

Peristaltic pump, pump head pressure gauge, valves, reservoir with stir bar, built-in stir plate on a drip tray

30.7 cm W x 48.2 cm D x 20.8 cm H (12.1 in. W x 19 in. D x 8.2 in. H)

6.0 kg (13.2 lbs.)

Maximum Inlet Pressure
4.1 bar (410 kPa, 60 psi)

Operating Temperature Range
0 - 50°C (0 - 106°F)

Recirculation Flow Rate
10 - 240 mL/min

Minimum System Working Volume
< 15 mL

♦Trademarks used are the property of Pittway Corporation:Buna, and Cole-Parmer: Easyoad, L/S, Masterflex

Concentrate and desalt proteins, peptides, or nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides)
Recover antibodies or recombinant proteins from clarified cell culture media
Process metal sensitive enzymes and molecules
Separate (fractionate) large from small biomolecules
Concentrate viruses or gene therapy vectors
Prepare samples prior to column chromatography
Concentrate samples after gel filtration
Depyrogenate water, buffers, and media solutions

Designed to work with the Minimate TFF Capsule, this easy-to-use system can process sample volumes up to 1 L or more and efficiently concentrate samples to as little as 5 mL. Subsequent desalting or buffer exchange steps can be run on the same system with minimal user intervention.

The ready-to-use Minimate TFF System includes a Masterflex♦ L/S♦ variable speed peristaltic pump, Masterflex L/S Easy-Load♦ pump head, as well as a 0 - 4 bar (0 - 60 psi) pressure gauge, valves, 500 mL reservoir with magnetic stir bar, and stir plate all assembled on a compact drip tray. The use of a peristaltic pump with disposable tubing and fittings minimizes sample cross contamination while providing gentle processing for biomolecules. All wetted parts meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Test, In Vivo <88>.

The reservoir is designed to hold up to 500 mL of sample and provides efficient mixing of product. The tapered bottom and optimally located feed and return ports reduce the system hold-up volume, which allows high concentration factors to be achieved. The reservoir lid seals tightly allowing additional sample volume or diafiltration solution to be drawn directly into the reservoir without the need of a transfer pump. Vacuum is created as filtrate is generated through the TFF device allowing continuous diafiltration to be performed. When it's time to retrieve your sample, simply open the valve on the reservoir outlet and pump out your sample.

♦Trademarks are the property of Cole-Parmer
Product Product Name
97014 Minimate EVO Fittings Kit
97011 Minimate EVO Pump Drive
97008 Minimate EVO Reservoir Kit
97010 Minimate EVO Stir Plate Kit
OAPMPUNV Minimate EVO System
97009 Minimate EVO Drip Tray Kit
97012 Minimate EVO Pump Head