Kapsuły do poboru próbek Envirochek i Envirochek HV

Kapsuły do zatężania i odzyskiwania oocyst Cryptosporidium i cyst Giardia z wody źródlanej lub wodociągowej.
EnviroChek™ HV capsule, a Pall Life Sciences product, is approved for new EPA method 1623.1 for monitoring Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Simple to use. No assembly or cleaning of filter holders or elution equipment.
Saves time by allowing the processing of multiple samples at the same time.
Disposable design eliminates crosscontamination and false positives.
Typically greater than 70% recovery of target organisms.
Eliminates false negatives with 1 μm pore size membrane for retention of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Envirochek HV capsules are 100% integrity tested.
Safer to use. Self-contained capsules mean that the potentially contaminated filter element does not need to be handled or cut apart.
Capsules are serialized for traceability.
Materials of Construction
Envirochek Capsule
(PN 12110 and 12107)
Filter Media: Supor™ membrane (hydrophilic polyethersulfone)
Housing: Polycarbonate
Filter Support Material: Polypropylene
End Caps: Green vinyl
Adhesive: Urethane

Envirochek HV Capsule
(PN 12099, 12098, 12097, and 12096)
Filter Media: Polyester, hydrophilic membrane
Housing: Polycarbonate
Filter Support Material: Polypropylene
End Caps: Blue vinyl
Adhesive: Urethane

Effective Filtration Area
1,300 cm2

Length: 21.6 cm (8.5 in.)
Diameter: 6.1 cm (2.4 in.)

Inlet/Outlet Connections
12.7 mm (1⁄2 in.) straight hose barb

Elution Capacity
Minimum of 127 mL

Envirochek sampling capsules are validated and listed in U.S. EPA Methods 1622 and 1623.1, and used for sampling source water for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
Envirochek HV capsule is designed for sampling up to 1,000 L or more of treated water and is validated for up to 50 L of source water.
Envirochek HV capsules, PNs 12096 and 12097, are approved for the United Kingdom DWI regulatory testing of finished water.
Envirochek capsules are listed in ISO/DIS 15553-2006.

The Envirochek HV capsule has been validated for testing source water up to 50 L and for high volumes of drinking water analysis up to 1,000 liters. High flow rates and throughput are achieved due to the high filtration area that comes from the patented pleated design. This pleated design provides 1,300 cm2 of filtration area that allows for high flow rate at very low differential pressures. This means gravity feed or smaller pumps can be used and easily carried into the field for site sampling. Site sampling eliminates the need for carrying and shipping bulky containers of water.
The patented recovery method used with the Envirochek HV capsule allows for processing up to eight filters at one time, saving valuable lab time. The method is the easiest and simplest one available.
Product Product Name Removal Rating Capsule Diameter Effective filtration area
89051 Laboratory Shaker Replacement Clamp with Collar (1/pkg)
12098 Envirochek Polyester HV Sampling Capsule Individually Bagged (25/pkg) 1 µm 6.1 cm 1300 cm2
4822A Laboratory Shaker for EnviroChek Capsules 230 V 50/60 Hz CE (1/pkg)
12110 Envirochek Supor Sampling Capsule (1/pkg) 1 µm 6.1 mm 1300 cm2
12107 Envirochek Supor Sampling Capsule Individually Bagged (25/pkg) 1 µm 6.1 mm 1300 cm2
12099 Envirochek Polyester HV Sampling Capsule (1/pkg) 1 µm 6.1 cm 1300 cm2
4820 Laureth-12 Paste for EnviroChek Capsule Elution 50 g bottle (1/pkg)