Aparat próżniowy do mikropłytek

Aparat próżniowy do mikropłytek AcroPrep™, AcroPrep™ Advance i AcroWell™.
The Vacuum manifold and accessories, a Pall Life Sciences product, is designed to perfectly fit AcroPrep, AcroPrep Advance, and AcroWell Filter Plates.

Comes complete with the necessary O-ring and gasket. The control block includes the vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum metering valve, vacuum release valve, and 1⁄4 in. hose barb for vacuum line attachment.
Vacuum manifold unit includes a Delrins spacer block designed to accommodate standard 350 μL receiver plates. The spacer block has been optimized to reduce the space between the receiver plate and the filter plate during vacuum filtration.
Optional spacer block available for use with 1 mL receiver plates.
Adapter collar holds filter plates tightly to receiver plates for centrifugation.
Materials of Construction

Vacuum Manifold: Anodized aluminum
Gasket: EDPM (Ethylene propylene)
O-Ring: Silicone
Spacer Blocks: Delrin plastic
Adapter Collar: Stainless steel

Length: 17.48 cm (6.88 in.)
Width: 12.37 cm (4.87 in.)
Height: 8.05 cm (3.17 in.)
Weight: 2.85 kg (6.27 lb.)

Maximum Operating Vacuum
71.12 cm Hg (28 in. Hg)
Note: The multi-well plate vacuum manifold can be used with multi-well filter plates that meet the specifications set forth by the ANSI/SBS X-2004.

The multi-well plate vacuum manifold is an anodized aluminum manifold that has been designed and optimized for the vacuum filtration of AcroPrep, AcroPrep Advance, and AcroWell multi-well filter plates..
Product Product Name
5028-N Vacuum Manifold and Accessories - Waste drain adapter retainer (1/pkg)
5016 Vacuum Manifold and Accessories - Replacement accessory kit (includes O-ring gasket and allen wrench) (1/pkg)
5015-N 350UL Receiver plt spacer blck
5017 Multi-well plate manifold (1/pkg)
5014-N 1ML Spacer block Multiwell
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