Filtry specjalne Grade 3459

Papier filtracyjny marszczony, posiadający dobrą retencję przy stosunkowo dużej prędkości filtracji. Stosowany do klaryfikacji roztworów w analizach cukrowniczych.
Grade 3459 creped or smooth filter papers with good retentivity at a relatively high filtration speed.

Whatman™ offers a line of cellulose filter papers for specific applications. The product line includes filter papers for use in soil analysis and filter papers for the sugar industry.

The filters are used for the clarifying filtration of: Dried beet pulp extracts Beet juice after the addition of lead acetate for subsequent polarimetric sugar determination Grade 3459 is specifically designed for the Venema unit (lead acetate method).
Filtry specjalne Grade 3459
Grade Grade 3459 
Diameter 230 mm
Application Clarifying filtration of dried beet pulp extracts and beet juice 
Method Lead acetate method 
Weight 75 g/m2
Material Cellulose 
Properties Fast; creped 
Filtration Speed (Herzberg) 55 s
Product Product Name Pack size
10316619 Grade 3459 Application-Specific Filter; circle; 230 mm 1000 pieces
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