Filtry jakościowe fałdowane Grade 5V

Filtr fałdowany do analiz jakościowych, przeznaczony do sączenia roztworów o drobnych cząstkach. Zatrzymuje cząsteczki o wielkości do 2,5 µm.
Whatman™ Grade 5V fine particle filter retains particles as small as 2.5 µm for qualitative analysis. This cellulose filter paper is fluted for ease-of-use.

• Has highest nominal particle retention efficiency of fine particles in Whatman™ qualitative cellulose paper range
• Slow filtration speed (Herzberg speed of 1420 s)
• Fluted (pre-pleated) to facilitate use with conical filter funnels
• Fluted filter paper design decreases filtration time and increases loading capacity

The Whatman™ filter paper range offers a variety of wet-strengthened and standard filter grades, so you can find a cellulose filter paper suitable to your qualitative analysis application.

Grade 5V fluted filter paper for qualitative analysis
The presence of fine particles in a solution can result in cloudy suspensions. A fluted fine particle filter is beneficial for qualitative analysis when used as a lab water filter or as a soil analysis filter.
Grade Grade 5V 
Grade Type Folded (Prepleated) 
Typical Particle Retention in Liquid 2.5 µm 
Nominal Thickness 200 µm
Typical water flow rate 5 ml/min 
Nominal Basis Weight 92 g/m2
Material Cellulose 
Typical Trace Element Levels Aluminium 2.5 µg/g Antimony <0.5 µg/g Arsenic <0.5 µg/g Barium <0.5 µg/g Boron <1 µg/g Calcium 8.3 µg/g Chromium 1.5 µg/g Copper 2 µg/g Iron 12 µg/g Lead <0.5 µg/g Magnesium 4 µg/g Manganese <0.5 µg/g Mercury <0.5 µg/g Potassium 2.3 µg/g Silicon 6.2 µg/g Sodium 16.8 µg/g Zinc 64.5 µg/g 
Properties Slow 
Supporting Analysis Qualitative 
Product Product Name Diameter
1205-185 Grade 5V Fluted Fine Particle Filter Paper; 185 mm circle (100 pcs) 100 pieces
1205-110 Grade 5V Fluted Fine Particle Filter Paper, 110 mm circle (100 pcs) 100 pieces
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