Filtry jakościowe Grade 802

Filtry fałdowane do stosowania w stożkowych lejkach filtracyjnych, zapewniają szybką filtrację i wysoką ładowność roztworów o gruboziarnistych cząstkach lub żelatynowych osadach.
A prepleated filter for use with a conical filter funnel, offers fast filtration and high loading capacity for analysis involving coarse particles or gelatinous precipitates.

• Highest retention among standard filters
• Slow flow rate
• Fine-particle retention
• For qualitative analysis

The filter is wet-strengthened and for normal qualitative applicaiton it will not introduce any any significant impurities into the filtrate. However, it is not recommended for Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis.

Reeve Angel products are designed for routine, repetitive applications for which an inexpensive product is acceptable, such as qualitative analysis. Reeve Angel products deliver as promised, every time.
Filtry jakościowe Grade 802
Grade 802
Basis Weight 73 g/m2
Properties Fast 
Product Product Name Dmensions Pack size
5802-125 802 12.5 cm 100/pk 12.50 cm 100/PK
5802-150 802 15 cm 100/pk 15.00 cm 100/PK
5802-185 802 18.5 cm 100/pk 18.50 cm 100/PK
5802-320 802 32 cm 100/pk 32.00 cm 100/PK
5802-385 802 38.5 cm 100/pk 38.50 cm 100/PK
5802-6698 802 24 cm 1000/pk 24.00 cm 1000/PK
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