Filtry jakościowe Grade 202

Filtr jakościowy ogólnego zastosowania o marszczonej powierzchni. Szybszy niż Grade 201, zatrzymuje gruboziarniste cząstki krystaliczne. Szeroko stosowany w laboratoriach przemysłowych i naukowych do rutynowej filtracji.
A general qualitative filter with creped surface. Faster than grade 201 and retain large crystalline coarse particles. Widely used in industrial laboratories and students laboratories for routine filtration.

• Filters coarse particles
• Medium filtration speed
• Creped for increased efficiency and filterlife compared to smooth filter papers ofsame diameter

The filter is wet-strengthened with a small amount of chemically stable resin to extend the life of the filter and improve handling. Normal qualitative applications will not introduce any significant impurities into the filtrate. However it is not recommended for Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis.

Reeve Angel products are designed for routine, repetitive applications for which an inexpensive product is acceptable, such as qualitative analysis. Reeve Angel products deliver as promised, every time.
Filtry jakościowe Grade 202
Grade 202
Basis Weight 82 g/m2
Properties Medium 
Grade Qualitative 
Particle retention Coarse 
Product Product Name Dimensions  Pack size
5202-090 202 9 cm 100/pk 9.0 cm 100/PK
5202-110 202 11 cm 100/pk 11.0 cm 100/PK
5202-125 202 12.5 cm 100/pk 12.5 cm 100/PK
5202-150 202 15 cm 100/pk 15 cm 100/PK
5202-185 202 18.5 cm 100/pk 18.5 cm 100/PK
5202-200 202 20 cm 100/pk 20.0 cm 100/PK
5202-240 202 24 cm 100/pk 24.0 cm 100/PK
5202-250 202 25 cm 100/pk 25.0 cm 100/PK
5202-320 202 32 cm 100/pk 32.0 cm 100/PK
5202-330 202 33 cm 100/pk 33.0 cm 100/PK
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